How to Determine Attendee Wi-Fi Needs For Your Events

Before you can make an order for your events internet from Trade Show Internet, you need to determine the kind of bandwidth that you require. You can use a bandwidth calculator to determine how much data your attendees will require. Any San Francisco bandwidth service provider such as TSI can help you to determine your events internet needs.

When you are determining the amount of bandwidth that you require for your events, you have to bear in mind the kind of usage that your events attendees have for the internet. The light usage of internet  means that your attendees only want to be connected to the internet for light browsing needs such as email, credit card processing and just the general website surfing. For 100 devices, you will require bandwidth speeds of 10 Mbps. This is the best way you can determine how much bandwidth you will require for more devices in case you have many more attendees.

For the heavier usage of internet, you will require 25 Mbps for 100 devices. This means that your event attendees will be downloading files, streaming video and such kind of heavy data usage. The good thing with Trade Show Internet is that we offer these bandwidths at reasonable prices for all our clients. You can now make an order for Wi-Fi for events @ TradeShowInternet so that you and your event attendees can have a seamless and reliable internet for your events.